Steel structures factory

Steel structures factory

At the disposal of LLC Remstroy is its own enterprise engaged in the manufacture of large building metal structures. They are used in the implementation of most of the construction projects we supervise. We manufacture metal structures of any complexity. Including, the plant produces:

  • Elements of metal frames;
  • Walling;
  • Knots of crane facilities;
  • Supports for pipelines and other products.

In stock there is always a stock of standard metal structures, sufficient for the implementation of a large construction project. In addition, if necessary, manufacturing of metal building structures for individual projects is organized. Designing is engaged in own design office, which ensures high accuracy of calculations.

The presence of Remstroy own production of metal structures gives at least two major advantages.

  1. The projects we are implementing become cheaper for the customer. The metal structures required for construction are supplied directly, without intermediaries.
  2. We completely control the production of the elements of carcasses, enclosing structures and other products. This allows us to guarantee its quality, conformity to size and timely delivery.