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LLC Remstroy is engaged not only in the construction of civil infrastructure facilities, but also in their management. Including, in our management there is the first Club House in Crimea under the name "Dacha of Dr. Shteingolts". This residential complex is built to the strictest European standards.

The concept of the Club house is to provide the owners of apartments with a higher quality of life. "The dacha of Dr. Shteingolts" is located in the Seaside Park. This is one of the best places on the peninsula where you can relax and admire the beautiful nature.

Who is the doctor Shteingolts

Abram Berkovich Shteingolts in 1904 he graduated from the medical faculty of Kharkiv Imperial University. He belonged to the merchant class and by religion a Jew. In Alushta Professor Shteingolts quickly became known as a specialist in the respiratory system. His wife Leah Shteingolts was a dentist.

Almost 20 years Professor Shteingolts worked in Alushta. Club house erected on the site of the building where he lived and saw patients famous doctor. This place was chosen not just. Crimean sea air itself is healing for many ailments, especially those relating to the respiratory system.

In 1924, Abram Berkovich Shteingolts was forced to leave town after his house was requisitioned power. Together with his wife he moved to Simferopol, where he continued to engage in medical business. When in 1941 the city was occupied by the Germans, Shteingolts did not evacuate. Every day he made a deed and went into the service. In 1943 Shteingolts disappeared along with the other doctors, had Jewish names.

In the biography of Professor Shteyngoltsa many unknown quantities. In our Club house we try to maintain the memory of this man, who saved thousands of lives of inhabitants of the Crimea.

What you get owners of apartments in the Club house

Residential complex "Dacha Shteyngoltsa doctor" consists of several buildings, which are different in size apartments. Offers ready to move apartments, furnished in neoclassical and Italian architecture. There are also apartments with a free plan that will be prepared for you on an individual project.

The club house is in a secluded location on the Black sea, not far from Alushta embankment and water Park. On site is a Spa centre with a sauna complex and swimming pools, and a fitness center "Health". The tenants at any time, can do fitness, go for a massage or beauty treatments.

"Dacha Shteyngoltsa doctor" is ideal for those who want to live in privacy and to obtain the highest level of service. The clubhouse has a well-developed infrastructure and comfortable beach. For pleasant walks provided adjoining the Park. The territory is securely guarded.

For residents and their guests is available with the rental service of cars, motorcycles, yachts. You can explore the Peninsula and out to sea. We provide club members the freedom and take care of all aspects of their lives and leisure.

Please note that the amount available for acquisition of apartments is limited. Most of the "Garden doctor shteyngoltsa" already inhabited by those who live here permanently or come for a holiday.

Controls the operation of the Club house management company controlled by LLC "Remstroy"