Civil construction

Civil construction

Civil construction

The number of key areas of work of LLC Remstroy includes civil construction.

It implies the construction of civil facilities, that is, not related to the production sector. Including, we are engaged in construction:

  • Residential buildings;
  • Office and administrative buildings;
  • Objects of culture, education and health;
  • Objects of public catering;
  • Sports facilities;
  • Shopping, entertainment and hotel complexes.

In civil engineering there are many directions. A huge range of possible objects makes us constantly update the technologies used, as well as a list of materials and structures used.

When building civil facilities, special demands are placed on the customer and the developer. It should be professional, responsible and well-organized participants in the process.

The construction of residential buildings and public facilities is clearly planned by specialists of Remstroy, after which it is gradually implemented under their control. Here we can distinguish the following stages:

  • Drafting the project;
  • Calculation of construction costs;
  • Search for suitable suppliers and contractors;
  • The construction process itself;
  • Check the erected object;
  • Delivery of the facility to the customer with its commissioning.

Our activities are licensed, it is carried out in accordance with industry standards and standards. All this allows us to constantly update the list of successfully implemented projects in civil engineering.