Function of the builder / customer

Функция застройщика
/ заказчика

Function of the builder / customer

LLC Remstroy has great practical experience and a staff of qualified specialists to perform the functions of the customer-builder.

We are ready to undertake the organization of construction at various levels, from pre-project preparation to technical supervision and putting the facility into operation. From the moment of inclusion in the project, Remstroy solves all emerging issues of a technical, economic and legal nature.

It is most appropriate to involve a professional developer-customer even before the immediate implementation of the project. We are ready to tackle the selection of the most suitable site for construction with the carrying out of geological and other surveys on it. If necessary, assistance is provided in choosing a bank that can finance construction on suitable terms.

In addition, we help:

  • To develop design and estimate documentation;
  • Issue the necessary permits and obtain approvals;
  • Prepare a site for construction;
  • Supply the necessary building materials and equipment;
  • Monitor the quality of ongoing construction and compliance with deadlines;
  • Perform technical supervision and necessary tests;
  • To put the object into operation.

When implementing each project, we use innovative methods of organizing construction. The result is invariably the high quality of construction and the absence of excesses in terms of time and cost.