In connection with the completion of the construction of the Complex for the production of thermal insulation materials of the Concern Flajderer in the city of Serpukhov, let me express to you and your staff sincere gratitude and appreciation for the fruitful cooperation and active participation in the construction of the Complex. The highly professional actions of the SMU Remstroy LLC, which performs the functions of the contractor throughout the construction period, ensured reliable and uninterrupted operation under difficult conditions of parallel design and construction and allowed to guarantee the proper quality of all construction and installation works and to finish the construction on schedule. We express hope for further mutually beneficial cooperation with your company. LLC Flyingerer-Serpukhov is ready to recommend LLC SMU Remstroy as a professional and reliable partner in the field of construction and construction management technologies to all interested organizations.

Deputy General Director
V.D. Zoppart

In the period from June 2, 2005 to December 2006, the firm SMU Remstroy under the supervision of the Construction Director Zharova A.V. And a group of engineering and technical support at the object of JSC Electrostal Heavy Machinery Plant carried out construction and installation work on the technical re-equipment of the FSNTs NO2 with the construction of the AKVOS-40 installation as a contractor. All the works of Remstroy LLC are performed on time and with excellent quality. I recommend LLC Remstroy as a reliable and business partner in the field of construction and installation of high-complexity technological equipment.

General Director of OOO Prommontazh-El
N.I. Haymaking

This letter of recommendation is issued by Remstroy LLC in that the abovementioned organization being the right of successors to the concluded contract, LLC SMU Remstroy completed in time with a high-quality facility. Sports and Recreation Complex, Moscow, ul. .3-ya Rybinskaya, 17, p. For the time of joint cooperation, employees of Remstroy LLC showed professionalism, decency and responsibility. A number of invaluable consultations were given in terms of construction legislation and the calculation of building structures. As the Customer of the facility, I confirm that LLC SMU Remstroy, represented by General Director Zharov A.V. Has a rich technical, financial and human resources for the implementation of objects of a similar nature and complexity. I express my satisfaction with our joint work and recommend Remstroy LLC as a construction and engineering company, and a stable business partner with proven experience in construction.

President of the National Karate Federation of Russia
A.I. Inshakov

Organization of OOO Remstroy being the assignee of the contracts of LLC SMU Remstroy, for the construction of the Coastal Mooring Complex, Moscow, Leningradsky sh., Ow. 45-47, completed work on previously concluded contracts on time and with the appropriate quality, and continues to cooperate with us. The construction of the Coastal Mooring Complex is carried out at a high level, with the participation of the highly qualified engineering and technical personnel of Remstroy LLC under the supervision of the General Director A. Zharova. OOO Remstroy has a great potential for the construction of similar construction projects and has all the necessary resources for this. Based on the results of the construction work I want to give an excellent assessment of teamwork. I recommend LLC Remstroy represented by General Director Zharov A.V. As a highly qualified organization for construction and engineering works.

General Director of OOO Euroconsultant
CM. Bogdan

In connection with the completion of the construction and the successful commissioning of the reconstruction phase in LLC TD Podmoskovye for the project Antresolny floor, I would like to express my gratitude to the engineering and technical personnel of SMU Remstroy LLC, under the supervision of AV Bondarenko. Zharova, for his contribution to the organization of construction and installation works, technical support of the project, technical supervision, assistance in organizing the acceptance commission for commissioning the facility at the appointed time. LLC TD Podmoskovye, represented by OA. Busarova, expresses hope for further cooperation, and also recommends Remstroy LLC to other companies as a professional partner in production and construction management.

President of OOO "TD" Podmoskovye "
O.A. Busarova

Voters of the Moscow Region often apply to me with a request to celebrate the activities of Remstroy LLC, which is located in Elektrostal, Moscow Region, on the positive side. With the direct participation of Remstroy LLC, the factory for the production of heat-insulating materials in URSA in Serpukhov was put into operation in good time and in good quality. I am particularly pleased that your organization took part and timely completed repairs of secondary schools in Noginsk and Elektrostal, as well as reconstruction of municipal children's institutions in Noginsk district. I also want to note your professionalism and decency in solving industrial and social issues. On behalf of myself and many of the deputies of the State Duma, I express my heartfelt gratitude for your highly effective work aimed at the benefit of Great Russia and responsive to people!

Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on the Regulations and Organization of Work of the State Duma
T.V. Pletneva

At present, the organization of LLC Remstroy is completing a complex of general construction and finishing works for the construction of the Coastal Mooring Complex, Moscow, Leningradskoye Shosse, ow. 45-47. The performed works are accepted by the technical supervision of the customer without any comments on the quality of their performance. We hope to continue cooperation with LLC Remstroy at other sites. We are ready to recommend Remstroy LLC as a reliable contract organization capable of carrying out by our own efforts practically the entire complex of general construction works and organizing the construction process as a general contractor organization.

Vice President of FRTR
E. Selivanenko

This letter of recommendation is issued to a group of leading engineers under the guidance of Ph.D. A.V. Zharova which, in 2006, as part of Remstroy LLC, completed the pre-project development of technical documentation for the construction of a housing estate Vostochny in Elektrostal. At present, this group of specialists within Remstroy LLC, within the framework of new contractual obligations for 2007, carries out works on technical support of the project and construction supervision. During the time of cooperation, employees of Remstroy LLC showed responsibility and professionalism. The investment company VVK XXI recommends LLC Remstroy, represented by General Director A.V. Zharov, as a professional, reliable partner in the construction industry.

General Director of VVK XXI
A.A. Alekseev

The company LLC TYuf International RUS has a long-standing partnership with the technical director of LLC Remstroy Ph.D. Zharov Andrey Viktorovich. According to our recommendation, Zharov A.V. Has organized the quality management certification of OOO Remstroy for compliance with the requirements of the international standard 180 9001: 2001 and the standard of environmental management 180 14001. We have repeatedly advised AV Zharova. In matters of recruitment, software, design and international construction legislation. A.V. Zharov created a competent close-knit team with a qualified engineering team, provided with office equipment and technical literature. The engineering team is constantly upgrading its skills in matters of new technologies and construction legislation. The team is built on the principle of interchangeability and is focused on the final result with the appropriate quality and non-stop construction work. All technical decisions are taken collectively, during a system of multi-level discussions and consultations. A.V. Zharov repeatedly appealed to us for consultations on improving the management system and the quality of work and services. "TÜV International RUS" LLC believes that during the reorganization of LLC SMU Remstroy in LLC Remstroy A.V. Zharov managed to maintain the current quality management system. We recommend Andrei Viktorovich Zharov and the team he represents as respectable and reliable partners.

General Director of OOO TUIF International RUS
Doctor of technical sciences. F.M. Adam

The company LLC URSA Serpukhov has been cooperating with LLC Remstroy since the beginning of 2001. Over the years, LLC Remstroy completed the following works: 2002-2003. - Civil works as a contractor for the construction of a plant for the production of insulating material yuz glass fiber. The object was commissioned in 2003. 2004-2005. As a general contractor, a complex of design and construction and installation works Reconstruction of the Plant for the production of insulating material made of fiberglass was carried out. The object was put into operation in 2005. 2007 -2008. As a general contractor, a complex of design and construction works "Construction of a plant for the production of plates from extruded polystyrene foam" was carried out. The facility was put into operation in 2008. During the period of cooperation, Remstroy LLC has established itself as a reliable and honorable partner, clearly fulfilling contractual and guarantee obligations, with professional employees able to solve problems from the initial stages of construction to putting the facility into operation.

Director of the plant LLC "URSA Serpukhov"
A.V. Kruglikov

Our acquaintance with LLC Remstroy was held in 2007 during the tender for the Reconstruction of the ABK and the production building in the city of Kimry, Tver Region. The company attracted its comprehensive approach - providing a full package of services in the field of managing investment projects in industrial and civil construction from pre-project preparation to handing over to the customer a completed construction project. Another positive factor that influenced our decision was employees who reacted promptly and professionally to requests and the changing situation. With the reconstruction project, the company managed to outstrip the deadlines, qualitatively and within the budget having fulfilled all the stipulated work. At present, Remstroy LLC is the General Designer and the general contractor for the construction of the Research and Production Complex for the Production of Aggregates in the city of Kimry. This project is an important step in the development of our company and is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the LEED program - the design and construction of environmentally friendly buildings. Our long-term cooperation with Remstroy LLC confirms the reliability of the company, its customer orientation and high professionalism.
A.V. Zharov worked under my management as a deputy project manager - a representative of the customer of the concern "Flyderer" on the project to build a plant for the production of insulation materials in the city of Serpukhov, Moscow region, as technical director of SMU Remstroy Ltd. from autumn 2002 to autumn 2004. This contractor organization showed itself with one of the best parties in the implementation of this project. It was occupied in the most difficult areas of assembly and construction work and installation of technological equipment. Throughout the entire period of work, AV Zharov. Proved to be a technically competent organizer, boldly accepting extraordinary decisions by the head. He created a close-knit team with a qualified engineering team, whose great importance is given to continuous upgrading of skills in the issues of new technologies and construction legislation. The collective created by AV Zharov Is built on the principles of interchangeability and is focused on the final result. I am grateful to AV Zharov. For successful cooperation and I do not hesitate to recommend him as a reliable, competent, organized and honest partner who successfully realizes his potential at the construction sites of the Moscow region and the Moscow region.

General Director of LLC "BauTsentr"
A.V. Makhankov

The Executive Committee of the Electrostal Local Branch of the All-Russian Political Party "United Russia" expresses its great gratitude to you for your active assistance in the implementation of the program for the improvement of the urban district of Elektrostal

Head of the Executive Committee
E.N. Zagorulko